Pieces of Me


I’m a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a musician, an aunt, an adopted person, a laundry doer, a cook, a closet pastry chef and cake decorator, a runner, a swimmer, a homemaker. Whew. And there’s probably more. - actually, much more.


Beyond my kids and my family and photography, I love my favorite jeans, long and lazy Saturdays that include pancakes, chocolate, a good book, the beach, kids laughing, catching up with friends, podcasts, green tea, peonies, carousels, the change of seasons, Roger Federer,  music, movies, eating out, flowers, Christmas time, quiet time, following tennis, snowy winters, salty sweet, yoga, ice cream, girl time, me time, date nights and so much more in no particular order.


Maybe it’s no surprise that I shoot photos for my work since I was the best sharpshooter of all time. Sorta. You see my maiden name is Oakley, so that made me Annie Oakley for the first 26 years of my life. I don’t own any guns – just cameras. But you can still call me Little Miss Sure Shot.


I always imagine a better world.


I grew up in Toms River, NJ. 


I’m an alumni of Susquehanna University and Drexel University.


I am definitely a glass is half full kind of girl.


This is my dream work.  


Now you know a little about me. What about you?