“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it”

 -  Ansel Adams


Annmarie E. Kopey, MBA

Hello. My name is Annmarie, the inspired twelve inches behind the camera.  I am a lifestyle portrait and fine art photographer located in beautiful Chester County, PA. I consider myself a lucky girl to be married to her college sweetheart, be the mother of two amazing children and live in this beautiful and historic area.

For most of my life, I have gravitated towards, appreciated, dabbled in, and even earned degrees in the visual and performing arts. And then went to grad school and earned my MBA.  Until my children were born, I was leaving my creative endeavors to rare times when away from my work. But creating is where I thrive, and my heart sings and I looked to be inspired in my everyday life. What I love most about photography is that it can be practiced every day. And I do shoot on the daily most of the time. 

The best teacher I ever had was an old Vivitar 35mm film camera given to me in 1982 by a retired photographer. This camera was probably already at least a decade old at the time. It was a fine instrument of its heyday. It did not have one automatic feature. Not one. I still vividly remember advancing the film with my thumb. Every setting was up to me. He told me it was a great way to learn, and he was right. I actually continued to use that camera and learn from it until 2002.

When I launched my little photography business, I never dreamed I would be recognized or rewarded for anything. Nor was it my purpose. I found a bustling, passionate community of women photographers online and soaked up classes in all aspects of the craft. I made connections around the world. I am humbled to have been accepted into the Click Pro Elite, an exclusive, corps of women artists whose photographic works inspire me to do better every day. And I still pinch myself that I am a 3-time VOICE finalist - the premier international competition for women in photography, along with other numerous awards and published in Click magazine! Still speechless just thinking about it.

I am passionate about my photography and my work. Any creative endeavor takes constant drive to do better than you did before. It’s a never-ending education. You have to be tenacious to get results. Practice makes perfect for any instrument, even a camera. It is a most precious pursuit. So, I walk this path, with my camera in hand, for me and for you. And I have the deepest gratitude to be able to do so.


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